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Press Release Application

The publication of Press release on CoinPost could be applied through the application form below. Before the official publication, however, all contents might be reviewed with emendation. Additionally, a final confirmation of payment might be required.

According to editorial team’s judgment, there is a possibility that an excellent content of Press release will be posted as hot news.
(In this case, the publication fee therefore would be refunded to applicant.)

Note: Any projects and contents which cause legal issues will be refused

    Press release:450USD* (VAT Excluded)

    Translation Fee:180USD* (Not included Tax)

    ※If want to get more awareness,you can share in CoinPost Twitteraccount as an option (+630USD*,not included tax)

    ※Please fill in the information for the invoice

    ※If you have any require about the date of publish please inform us in advanced.

    ※Application and transaction have to be done by 3 days before the required publish date.

    *Rates might be change

    ※Text in the title can not be line broken. Please notice that if there is space cause by line breaks, it might appear error on the server.

    Size of file: Width more than 1200 pixel, jpg or png format.

    Please download the file here and fill in.

    ※If you require to insert image in the article, please insert the image in the text and send to us.

    ※Please acknowledge that there may be a difference in symbol and etc. when publish.

    Company information

    Please fill in when first time sending the press release

    Sample of press relase