Japanese Crypto Media Reaches 「Global Top 3」 in Monthly Visitors

Global Top 3 in Monthly Visitors

CoinPost. Inc (CEO: Takahito Kagami) which operates the largest Japanese Crypto (Crypto asset/ Cryptocurrency) Media “CoinPost” has the honor to announce that Monthly Website Visitors to CoinPost’s website during for 2021 is ranked 3rd within the industry worldwide, making it the only Japanese Crypto Media website in the TOP 10.


Research Method: Similarweb(Web Traffic Statistics & Analytics Website)

According to data from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), 54 out of 196 countries have English as either the official or semi-official language, an equivalent of roughly 2.1 billion out of the global population of 7.3 billion. While ‘English as a first language’ populations of Chinese are 880 million and English are 400 million, Japanese remains at 120 million.

From the above, the strength and presence of the Japanese market, as well as interest toward Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain sector are once again increasing.

About CoinPost

CoinPost is the largest Japanese Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Media established in August 2017 to bridge the gap between domestic and global information regarding Cryptocurrency, striving to provide critical information to Japanese Crypto investors.

In March 2020, CoinPost released the CoinPost App (iOS) with our original version of the economic indicators called the “CoinPost Crypto Indicator”, based on proprietary data of fundamentals that affect the Bitcoin and other Crypto markets. In July 2020 it was announced that our Crypto indicator would also be released on Crypto Asset Exchange TAOTAO’s App (Android) as well.

The “Crypto Indicator” is an indicator calendar that allows the user to easily view relevant events that are scheduled that might affect the price and volatilty of the cryptocurrency market.

Factors that can affect the market price of cryptocurrencies such as Halvings, Hardforks, Mining Difficulty Adjustments among others notable events, are chosen by the CoinPost editorial team, and we provide an easy-to-follow schedule for our users.


We also provide non-regular maintenance information to TAOTAO exchange users (Emergency maintenance not included) and other valuable information.

With its release on TAOTAO, our Crypto Indicator will also be available to Android users and iOS users.

For media inquiries and questions about installing our “CoinPost Crypto Indicator” please refer to the links below.

For Any Questions(email address): Info@coinpost.jp

Click here to download the CoinPost App for iOS

Click here to download the CoinPost App for Android

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Official Website: https://coinpost.jp/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/coin_post

Takahito Kagami (CEO) Twitter: https://twitter.com/coinpost_kagami