Japanese Crypto Media Ranks in「Global Top 3」for 12 Consecutive Months According to Monthly Visitors (SimilarWeb)

Most Viewed Japanese Crypto Media

CoinPost Inc.(CEO Takahito Kagami),which operates the largest Blockchain and Cryptocurrency media in Japan, has the pleasure to announce that CoinPost has kept its position as the 3rd Most Visited Crypto media in the World for 12 consecutive months since September 2020.(SimilarWeb)

Source: SilmilarWeb

According to data from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), English is an official or semi-official language in 54 of the 196 nations with a total of roughly 2.1 billion. Japanese speakers, on the other hand, make up a significantly smaller population, with just 120 million.

Despite these conditions, CoinPost’s ability to maintain its position as the world’s 3rd most viewed crypto website is a strong indication that domestic interest from Japan in cryptocurrencies and blockchain remains high.

Year in Review

In the past year, we launched several new businesses, including CONNECTV, a YouTube channel focused on blockchain and cryptocurrency development, as well as Links, a micropayment service utilizing blockchain technology.

Links Inc

In November 2020, Links Inc. was established as a joint venture between CoinPost and INBlockchain. Links provides micropayment service denominated in Satoshi (SAT), the smallest unit of Bitcoin.

In April 2021, as a part of our efforts to expand use cases for Bitcoin, Links launched an incentive program on CoinPost’s comment section. This has allowed viewers to stack SATs by commenting on CoinPost articles via the Links app.

Links App

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In December 2020, CONNECTV was launched as a joint venture of CoinPost and New Economy, a subsidiary of Gentosha, one of Japan’s largest publishers. CONNECTV offers a wide variety of contents, ranging from educational content aimed for crypto beginners, all the way to real-time coverage on breaking news and significant events.

About CoinPost

CoinPost was established with the goal of eliminating the information gap between Japanese and the international crypto markets in August 2017. We deliver the latest and most accurate news and information to its Japanese audience. As of October 2021, CoinPost has more than 130,000 followers on Twitter.

CoinPost has also released mobile apps for both iOS and Android, which includes the CoinPost Crypto Indicator, a specialized calendar that tracks key dates and events that might affect the cryptocurrency market.

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